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tutorial 01;

I've never done tutorials so bear with me here.

Today I'll teach you how I made two of my icons from the FFX batch. I used this style on all the icons from that batch.

These tutorials/icons were made using Jasc Paintshop Pro 7. So the effects may have different names in Adobe.

You'll start out with this image. I found it at FF Shrine.

Step 01; Crop/Resize Image. I didn't realize that I'd rotated the image until I'd finished and posted the tutorial. I'm not quite sure how far to the left I rotated it but I would guess it was about 15%.

02; Duplicate (anytime I say "Duplicate" assume it's the main cropped image, unless I state otherwise). Screen, 100%.

03; Duplicate. Screen, 100%.

04; Duplicate. Screen, 100%.

05; Duplicate. Screen, 100%.

06; Duplicate. Screen, 100%.

07; Duplicate. Overlay, 100%.

08; Add a frame and you're done! I made this one specifically for the FFX icons. It's really versatile though. I use it a lot.

You'll start out with this image. I, again, found it at FF Shrine.

01; Rotate right, 25°.

02; Crop/Resize Image.

03; Duplicate. Screen, 100%.

04; Duplicate. Screen, 100%.

05; Text. I used Garamond. The top text is 3pt and says "with our decadent minds". The bottom text is 1pt and says "we're in the zombie room". It's from the Depeche Mode song "Dead of Night".

06; Duplicate. Screen, 100%.

07; Duplicate. Burn, 100%.

08; Duplicate. Hue, 100%.

09; Duplicate text, 50% transparency.

As you notice, I didn't use any textures/lights/brushes. It's just the main image using different effects. Play around and see what you come up with, it's a really great way to bring out certain colors or lighten a really dark image without making everything washed out. This process also works excellent with real people (and some colored mangas) as well.

Obvious you don't have to screen images as many times as I did, throw as many duplicate layers on as you want. It's one of those "as needed" effects. Sometimes you'll only need one duplicate, sometimes you'll need seven. It all depends on the image.

And if anyone if wondering about other icons, leave a comment I'll try and make tutorials for those, as well.
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